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The City of Lviv
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The City of Lviv

Lviv - UNESCO World Heritage Site
and cultural center of West Ukraine...


Welcome to the ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv !

In 2006 Lviv has celebrated its 750s Anniversary! No wonder, the government of Ukraine has declared 2006 - the Year of Lviv! During the whole year the city will host various fairs, festivals, exhibitions, business meetings, and concerts, dedicated to this anniversary.

Founded at the frontiers of world cultures and crossroads of ancient trade roads, Lviv has preserved its unique architectural monuments, cosy and somewhat mystic medieval atmosphere, its remarkable traditions and unparalleled charm. The historical central part of the city is included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Lviv is the city of numerous architectural monuments, ancient universities, unique scientific institutions and archives, famous libraries and museums. It abounds in places connected with the names of prominent scientists, artists and public figures of Armenian, Austrian, German, Jewish, Polish, and Russian descent. At the same time, Lviv is known for its strong national spirit and its dedication to the idea of Ukraine 's independence and promotion of Ukrainian language and culture. It was here that the flag of the independent Ukrainian state was first raised!

The best way to experience Lviv is to travel with Kiy Avia West. Our experienced staff will help you plan your tour with as many or as few pre-booked tours as you wish. We can offer you a wide variety of programmes to choose from:

Lviv Highlights

A guided bus tour around the city, visiting popular Lviv attractions such as St.George Greek-Catholic cathedral from the 18-the century, Lviv University complexes, Lviv pantheon of the Lychakiv cemetery, enjoying beautiful architectural monuments of the 14-19th centuries and a breathtaking panoramic view from the High Castle observation platform. An ideal way to see the city for those who don't like to leave the comfort of the bus for long

Medieval Lviv

Walking tour around medieval city center, during which you can investigate exteriors and interiors of the Latin Roman-Catholic Cathedral, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Assumption, ancient Armenian Church, visit a lace-like Italian courtyard and Royal Parlors of the History Museum and much more... Shop at a local antique store, have a cup of aromatic coffee at a cozy street cafe and descend to the mystic undergrounds of the Pharmacy Museum These memories will stay with you forever

Ethnic Heritage Tours

Tours around medieval Armenian and Jewish quarters will introduce you to the world of national minorities, which have been living in the city since the 13th century. These communities have played a significant role in the history of Lviv. Their legacy is seen throughout the city. Arrange a tour visiting the many important points of interest and meet with community members (upon special request).

Austro - Hungarian Lviv

Explore Austro-Hungarian Lviv of magnificent avenues and lavishly decorated buildings, theatres and libraries. Listen to the stories about prominent artists and public figures of Austrian descent, who used to live and work in Lviv. This tour will be interesting for both Austrian tourists and those who study the history of the Austro - Hungarian Empire.

Educational Lviv

This tour will give you an opportunity to visit some of renowned Lviv universities and other higher educational institutions: Lviv State University named after Ivan Franko (1661), Lviv Polytechnic University (1848), Lviv Conservatoire, Lviv Academy of Applied Arts, Lviv Medical University, Lviv Catholic University or any other of 14 higher educational institutions of the city. Visits to the educational institutions and meetings with students and their professors will be especially interesting for groups of students and academicians.

Lviv Archives

Unique Lviv archives always attract historians, scholars and those, who search for their roots, connected with Lviv and Lviv region. Close cooperation with the archives allows Kiy Avia West to prepare documents for review in advance and organize specialized tours including visits to Lviv archives and document retrieval.

Business Lviv

A large number of small- and large- size conference halls, located in historical buildings and/ or hotels of Lviv and Lviv region, make Lviv an attractive center for organizing conferences, work-shops, and trainings. Take an opportunity to combine work with meeting new people and having a nice rest!

Tours for Art Lovers

To the lovers of classical music and opera, we offer specialized tours to Lviv, Kiev, and Odessa. During the tour you can attend theatre performances, concerts, visit local music schools, meet with well - known and young performers, winners of international competitions, attend meetings at Lviv Music Society named after R.Wagner.

Folk Lviv

This tour is of prime interest for those who are interested in folklore, ethnography, and crafts. It includes visits to unique museums of ethnography and folk crafts, open - air museum of rural life and architecture, meals at national restaurants with live music You can enjoy specially organized performances by folk groups, and have a first-hand glance at the rural life of contemporary Ukraine (organized upon request).

Pilgrim Tours

A large number of Christian and Jewish holy places are located on the territory of Western Ukraine. With Kiy Avia West you have an opportunity to visit local monasteries, ancient cemeteries and places of worship with miracle-working icons. Upon request, we can accommodate small groups of guests at monastery grounds and synagogue guest houses, organize lenten or kosher meals, arrange meetings with priests and rabbi. (The routes can include Krekhiv, Univ, Hoshiv monasteries, Hrushiv, Pochayiv Lavra, Medzhybizh, Sadhora, Truskavets, Boryslav, Brody, Stary Sambir)

Historic and Cultural Tours

These tours are organized for those, who are interested in studying the history and culture of Ukraine. Make sure to visit memorial houses and museums of the classics of Ukrainian literature Ivan Franko and Markiyan Shashkevych, memorial apartments of the First President of Ukraine Mykola Hrushevsky and a world-known opera singer, soloist of La Scala and Metropolitan Opera theaters, Solomia Krushelnitska. Take a chance to learn more about Ukrainian national musical instruments during your visits to music schools and attend performances of national opera and ballet. Don't miss an opportunity to visit Lychakiv memorial cemetery, where many prominent Ukrainian public figures, artists and literary men of the 18-20 th centuries are buried. Enjoy plentiful collections of Lviv museums, which contain magnificent samples of Ukrainian art from different centuries. Additionally, tourists can be offered short-term on the road courses of the Ukrainian language.

Mineral Water Spas

Taking into account the proximity of Lviv to mineral water spas of Truskavets, Morshyn, and Shklo, Kiy Avia West offers treatment and recreation at sanatoriums and hotels of various categories. Enjoy beautiful nature, relaxed atmosphere, professional medical care, and a wide spectrum of healing waters. Combined with excursions to Lviv and Lviv region, it makes an experience to remember!

Carpathian Mountains

A popular destination to experience during the season of your choosing! Rest and recreation, fishing, collecting mushrooms and berries, mountain skiing in Slavsk region, accommodation at comfortable hotel complexes and cozy private cottages can be provided for both individual tourists and groups. For those interested, we can offer combined tours: Lviv + recreation in the Carpathian mountains , a refreshing escape for those who like nature!

Combined City Tours

The proximity of Lviv to the borders of Byelorussia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia provides a unique opportunity to organize combined tours. Here are some of your options: Lviv - Krakow, Lviv Lublin Warsaw, Budapest Uzhhorod Lviv Krakow, Prague Krakow Lviv Kyiv, Lviv Uzhhorod Kosice (or High Tatra Mountains), and Lviv Brest Minsk +Vilnius. Make your pick today!


You are welcome to have a look at several specific programmes on our web-site.

Each trip is packaged to include all the must see sights, transportation, accommodations, an accompanying English-speaking guide services and ample time on your own. We would also be happy to investigate any of your requests and tailor make programmes that best fit your interests, budget, available time frame and preferred mode of transportation. Whether you have a small group or a large party to handle, our experienced and friendly staff will make your stay in Lviv and Lviv region both interesting and pleasant!

Do you want to travel without worrying about details like transportation, hotels, meals and much more? Then don't hesitate to contact us!








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